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Wilson Art Gallery

Hours: . Gallery is located in the Falcone Library. Parking Lot EE.

Amy Cunningham-Waltz

Amy Cunningham-Waltz: Colors and Patterns

May 4 - May 31

Artist's Statement

I graduated from MassArt with a BA in Fine Art Photography. Since then I have worked in many different media such as photography, hand painted clothing, to fiber art and painting. My current paintings come from trying to figure out how to transform my sketches into a piece of art to share with the world and sometimes are a way to translate my obsession with patterns. Most of my design ideas have a very organic or natural base, but often I try to make them a little fantastical or surreal.

Repeating patterns are a passion of mine and a consistent part of my art. I can attribute that influence in my creativity to not only my background in quilted fiber art but also to a lifelong appreciation and study of the indigenous art of North and South America, Polynesia also with Mehndi body art.

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