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Master Printmaking by the Asociacion de Grabadores de Cuba

Master Printmaking by the Asociacion de Grabadores de Cuba

Dates: September 15 - November 15, 2021  

The Asociacion de Grabadores de Cuba (Association of Recorders of Cuba or AGC) was a collective of printmakers residing in La Habana (Havana) consisting of founding members: Carmelo Gonzalez, Armando Posse, Luis Penalver, Armando Fernandez, Ana Rosa Gutierrez, Jose Lopez, Angel Marti Denis, Eugenio Rodriquez, Rolando Santana, Israel Cordova, and Holbein Lopez.

These works of art were created between 1949 to 1968 (pre, during, and post Cuban Revolution) as a means to share cultural, political, social, spiritual, and artistic perspectives both domestically & internationally. This exhibition examines various printmaking techniques by Founding Members and other AGC members.

Some works exhibited are also permanently exhibited at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de Cuba (National Museum of Fine Arts of Cuba). Lastly, some works were produced at the Taller Experimental de Grafica located in La Habana (Havana), the oldest print workshop in Cuba founded in 1962, which still operates today.

This art show is the first exhibition of this many works of these 16 artists of the AGC in the United States to date.

The exhibition is loaned from the Armand-Paul Family Collection.


Spanish students of professor Zampini visit the gallery

SPN 401 students of Prof Mary Zampini discussing the works in Spanish

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