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Reserve A Room

General Information and Use Policy

Group Study Rooms and Individual Study Rooms

Reservations are self-service, using the appropriate Library Scheduling page (Group or Individual). Reservations must be made before the time slot begins and will be processed immediately upon submission.

Muserlian Instruction Lab and Bernat Special Events Room

Reservations must be made through the Event Management Office. Allow 3-5 days to process your request.

Reservations are not allowed for recurring, sequential event use during class times because the rooms must be available for library instruction, library programs, and large group viewing of audio-visual materials.

Reservations should be made at least a week in advance so there is time for arrangement of chairs, tables, and other equipment.

Faculty who wish to view Library audio-visual material may reserve the item(s) at the same time by calling the Library Services Desk at (315) 445-4330.

Library Rooms

Several rooms in the Library are available for use during library hours.

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