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Wilson Art Gallery

Hours: . Gallery is located in the Falcone Library. Parking Lot EE.

Jia Zhou: Natural Wonders 

December 6 - January 17

Artist's Statement: I am an artist that has committed herself to painting in traditional Chinese realistic styles. Having been taught in the use of traditional brushwork, I also seek to integrate modern innovations and breakthroughs from the art world. In my work I wish to utilize the techniques of traditional Chinese painting and to incorporate thoughts and ideas of our contemporary world. I wish to show life and tell stories through nature and design and to challenge my viewers to interpret my work and at the same time reward them with the beauty of the work itself.     

Jia Zhou  graduated from the Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute in 2011 and then went on to receive her Master's of Art degree in 2014 from Jiangxi Science and Technology Normal College. While there, she continued to practice Chinese painting. She has since exhibited her works in China, Austria, Italy, and the United States.

image of hummingbirds by the artist



Opera Girl painting

Opera Girl

Lotus flower painting

Lotus flower

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