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Wilson Art Gallery

Hours: . Gallery is located in the Falcone Library. Parking Lot EE.

Brian Cirmo : Patterns, Cycles, and Change

August 26 – October 5, 2018

"Patterns, Cycle, and Change" by Brian Cirmo will be the opening art exhibit for 2018/2019 season of the Wilson Art Gallery. Artist Brian Cirmo uses historical references, literature, popular culture and more to address themes such as love and loss, evolution and creationism, comedy and tragedy, mark and expression, and fame and anonymity in his oil paintings.

Brian Cirmo : Patterns, Cycle, and Change

Art by Brian Cirmo

Home Again


The Fanatic


Nimrod (I Voted)



I Miss the Innocence I've Know

The Catch

The Weight



Cat's in the Well


Out of Place

Brian Cirmo Reception

Brian Cirmo introduces his work to students.

Students attend gallery opening.

Director of Library Inga Barnello and Professor Emeritus Jacqueline Belfort-Chalat, Founding Chair of the Fine Arts Department.

Inga Barnello and Professor Jen Gandy of the Visual Arts Department with Artist Brian Cirmo.

Brian Cirmo explains the story behind his paintings to students.

Brian Cirmo describes his process.

Students observe Brian Cirmo's work.

Students in the library looking at the new exhibit.

Students gather around Brian Cirmo and listen to him describe his art career.

Jen Gandy speaking to Brian Cirmo.

2018/2019 Calendar

2018/2019 Season

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