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What is PALCI?

What is PALCI?

The Partnership for Academic Library Cooperation and Innovation (PALCI) has over 70 member libraries, including some large institutions such as Carnegie Mellon University and University of Pennsylvania.

To preview the 18.9 million items that will be available for the Le Moyne community to request, see their shared catalog.

*Please note that materials will not be available to request until after we fully transition to PALCI later this summer (2024).

For any questions regarding this transition please contact Lisa Chaudhuri, Director of the Library, at or 315-445-4321.

Transition to PALCI from ConnectNY

What to expect during the transition:

  • In order to help facilitate the winding down of operations, ConnectNY requesting will be turned off effective April 11th, 2024.
  • Our traditional interlibrary loan services are unchanged and will continue to be offered during this transition. Books, journal articles, and book chapters can be requested using our interlibrary loan request forms.

Transition timeline:

  • April 11th: ConnectNY requesting turned off
  • May 6th: All remaining items borrowed from ConnectNY are due back to the library
  • Summer 2024: Migration to PALCI
  • August 2024: Go-live with PALCI

What to expect after the transition:

  • PALCI will have a shared catalog where patrons can search for and request items. The look and function will be almost identical to ConnectNY. The main difference will be a substantial increase to the number of materials available.
  • Books will be loaned for a minimum of 18 weeks, which is an increase from the 12 weeks currently offered through ConnectNY

Please kindly return all items borrowed through ConnectNY by May 6th, 2024!

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