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Interlibrary Loan


Articles and book chapters are sent to the borrower as PDF attachments and are yours to keep.  They do not need to be returned.


The loan period for material sent to Le Moyne by another library is determined by that library.  The loan periods vary but are typically 3-4 weeks.  A paper band attached to the front of the material will indicate the due date.  Most lenders will allow one renewal period which may be shorter than the original loan period.


Renewals for ILL material can be requested through the ILL Portal.

Renewals are at the discretion of the lending library.  As with ILL due dates, renewal periods vary by lender and in some cases can be shorter than the original loan period.  Please submit the renewal request before the original due date.

Once you have submitted a renewal request you may keep your ILL material until you hear from the ILL office.  You will either receive a new due date or instructions to return the material in cases where renewal is denied by the lender.  In that event, we can submit a new request for that title to other lenders if you so desire.

Extended Loans

Please be aware that ILL materials are not loaned for the length of a semester.  If you keep material beyond the due date you will eventually be charged for the items replacement costs.

If you are requesting material that you feel you need for an extended period of time (beyond any renewal dates), you should plan ahead and request replacement copies as borrowed material comes due.

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