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PAS 601, 602, 603, 604, 605: Research Seminars Library Guide

This guide provides resources for the PA Studies Research Seminars research project..

Steps of a Systematic Review simplified!

Please watch the short video below from the Brown University School of Public Health for an overview of The Steps of a Systematic Review!

Systematic Review eBooks

Literature review vs. Systematic Review overview

Creative Commons License CC BY 4.0

Kysh, Lynn (2013): Difference between a systematic review and a literature review. figshare. Poster.

What's the difference between a Literature Review and a Systematic Review?

Please watch this "Research Short" called Conducting a Systematic Literature Review for a great overview of the difference between literature reviews and systematic reviews.

Research Shorts are short research video summaries by George Veletsianos and The Digital Learning and Social Media Research Group:

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