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Group Collaboration

Mendeley lets users create private groups for sharing and annotating papers with others who have been invited to that group.

  • To create a private group, login to your account and go to
    • Be sure to select "Private Group" from the menu when you create it. Mendeley no longer supports "Public" or "Invite-Only" groups (see note below).
  • Once your private group is created, you can invite people to join it by sending email invitations.
  • All members of the group can share papers and add annotations to them. 
    • Caveat: if you share a Mendeley reference that doesn't have a PDF attached to it, you will not be able to add the PDF to the shared reference after the fact.

Group Help


  • The number of papers that can be shared in a private group is limited by the amount of storage space of the individual who made the original share. This is not a big concern for Le Moyne users, however, since the Le Moyne subscription provides you with 100GB of personal storage space and 100GB of shared storage space. You can also create as many private groups as you need and are not limited to 5 as in the free Mendeley subscription.
  • If you have been using Mendeley for more than a year, you will have noticed that public groups have been retired along with other social features. Private groups also changed in that the discussion forum feature is gone and collaboration now takes place solely by annotating shared papers.
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