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Create an On-the-Fly Bibliography in Word

Creating an on-the-fly bibliography is as easy as dragging citations from Mendeley Desktop into your Word document.

  1. Set the citation style for Mendeley Desktop.
    • Select "View" from the Menu and choose the "Citation Style" option.
    • Click on the desired citation style or click on "More Styles..." if the citation style is not displayed.
  2. Put citations that you need for the bibliography into a folder in Mendeley Desktop. You can also select citations from "All Documents" but this may be unwieldy if the number is large.
  3. Sort the references into the order required by the bibliography. Usually this will be by primary author with citations by the same author sorted by date. The easiest way to do this is to click the "Year" heading at the top of the citation list so they sort by date and then click the "Author" heading.
  4. Highlight the citations to be added to the bibliography.
    • To select multiple citations, hold down the Shift Key to choose sequential citations or the Control Key if the citations are not sequential.
  5. Click on the highlighted citations and drag them into Word. Mendeley will format the bibliography using the citations style you chose in step 1.
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