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What Is Mendeley?

Mendeley is a citation management system that allows you to save, store, and manage bibliographic citations, and then to generate bibliographies in most of the major citation styles.

We recommend using the web version of Mendeley for most users. The desktop application becomes useful when you begin writing and need to incorporate and format citations in your paper. The tablet apps are useful for reviewing your citations and reading downloaded papers on the go.

Video Tutorial: Quick Guide to Using Mendeley

Mendeley Web

A Mendeley account allows you to access many of Mendeley's features and services online, without the need to install any software. 

  1. The Newsfeed – get updates from around your personal network.
  2. Web library – access, update and manage your personal library of references.
  3. Complete your profile – build and maintain your personal Mendeley profile.
  4. Grow your research network – find and connect with other researchers.
  5. Mendeley Suggest – receive bespoke suggestions for papers to read.
  6. Stats – claim and review your personal publication statistics.
  7. Group collaboration – create, join and grow collaborative research groups.
  8. The Mendeley Web Catalog – search the Mendeley Web Catalog for papers and references to add to your personal library.
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