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Textbook Program Overview

The Noreen Reale Falcone Library's textbook program is designed to reduce the burden of rising textbook costs on our student population by purchasing and placing on reserve required textbooks, including e-books. The Library relies on the Bookstore listings for required materials. If required materials are NOT listed with the Bookstore, the Library needs to be informed that a textbook is required for a course through the submission of a textbook purchase suggestion form

Le Moyne students and faculty may search for textbooks through the library's catalog by title and/or author or through the textbook reserve page.

Textbook FAQ's

What courses are supported?

  • The Library will supporting undergraduate and graduate courses. 

How are the textbooks made available to students?

  • Textbooks are available on reserve at the Library Services Desk and can be used in the Library for up to 2 hours at a time. Textbooks in e-format can be accessed from the Library's website. Textbooks, in either format, can be searched for through the Library's catalog by title and/or author or through the textbook reserve page.

How are the textbooks identified?

  • Textbooks are identified through a number of different methods. Primarily by searching the college's bookstore website but also through faculty and student purchase suggestions. Purchase suggestions can be made by submitting a textbook purchase suggestion form.

I submitted a textbook purchase suggestion.  When will the textbook be available?

  • Turn around time varies based on a number of factors including the availability and format of the textbook and the vendor it was purchased through. If you would like to be updated on the status of your purchase suggestion, please include your contact information in the optional "name and email address" field of the form.

Do you purchase more than one copy of any textbooks?

  • No. Generally the library will only purchase one copy of a textbook.

How are textbook reserves different than course reserves?

  • Course reserves are used when a faculty member wants library materials (which may or may not include textbooks) placed on reserve for their specific course. This is different from textbook reserves where the textbooks are not linked directly to a specific course.  

What type of materials would be excluded from textbook reserves?

  • Course packs or lab manuals
    • Typically we do not include course packs or lab manuals (or other consumable-type educational materials) because they tend to not be as physically robust as textbooks (many are spiral bound, for example) and because students are expected to work through course books and lab manuals as part of their assignments, quiz preparation, lab exercises, etc.
  • Rental textbooks
    • In some cases a textbook may only be available as a rental e-book. The library would not be able to place a rental e-book on reserve. 
  • Online access codes
    • The library is unable to provide access to content where an online access code is required.

Do you get any textbooks donated by instructors?

  • Occasionally instructors do provide the library with copies of required texts. However, publisher supplied instructor copies cannot be accepted.

In what format are the textbooks being made available?

  • Most textbooks will be available in print. However, when possible, the library will try to acquire textbooks in e-format.

How is the Textbook program funded?

  • This program is funded through the library's materials budget.

How long has this program existed?

  • Spring 2020 was the first semester the library began purchasing textbooks.

What’s the future of the Textbook program? What’s on the horizon?

  • Short-term, we aim to provide some relief on textbook costs for students. Longer-term, we aim to promote alternatives to traditional textbooks that offer sustainable learning materials. For more information on this please visit our Open Educational Resources (OER) guide.
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