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Notable Journals

We subscribe to the following journals which are not indexed in our databases:

The American Statistician: Current national and international statistical problems and programs, interesting and fun articles of a general nature about statistics and its applications, and articles on the teaching  of statistics.

Interfaces: Published bimonthly, a journal which describes practical applications of Operations Research and Management Science to decisions and policies in today's organizations.  Each article provides details of the completed application, along with the results and impact on the organization.  Essential reading for analysts, engineers, project managers and consultants, present and future.

Journal of the American Statistical Association: This quarterly is considered the premier publication of statistical science. Articles focus on statistical applications, theory, and methods. Also contains book reviews.

The Mathematical Intelligencer: This journal publishes articles about mathematics, mathematicians, and the history and culture of mathematics. It presents expository articles on all kinds of mathematics and interdisciplinary trends, and articles that portray the diversity of mathematical communities and mathematical thought. The journal also features information on emergent mathematical communities around the world, new interdisciplinary trends, and relations between mathematics and other areas of culture. The Library carries the current year's publication in print; all prior years are available electronically.

Journal Abbreviations

If you are writing a paper using a citation style that requires you abbreviate the title of the journal source, how do you know what is acceptable? Check these sources for recommendations but also check the style guide to be sure to know what punctuation may be required -- e.g, should it be Mach. Learn. or Mach Learn?