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Ways to Find Books

Start by searching the local collection, but if we don't own what you are looking for, explore other ways to request it from other regional and national libraries.

  • Search Library Catalog – Search to find books, videos, audio, and other materials in our collection.

  • Find eBooks – Instantly borrow electronic books that the Library subscribes to.

  • Request From Connect NY – Borrow books from a consortium of academic libraries in New York. Books generally delivered in 3-6 business days. You need a current Le Moyne ID card to initiate a request for a book.

  • Request From Interlibrary Loan – Order books (and journal articles) not found in Le Moyne's catalog or in Connect NY.

  • Search Worldcat – Search to see what libraries beyond our region have a copy of the book. It is good way to get complete citation information about the item that you need in filling out your Interlibrary Loan request.

Still unsure about where to start? Ask Us!

Search the Library Catalog

Search the Library catalog to find books, videos, audio, and other materials in our collection.

Mathematics Ebooks

Where Are Math Books Located in the Library?

Books are arranged in the collection by call number according to the Library of Congress Classification system. The call number assigned a book places it with other books on the same subject.

Because of the library renovation project during the summer 2017, the QA call numbers are temporarily split, with QA1-89 located in the back part of the library on the second floor and QA90-939 located in the front of the second floor. Consult the floor map for locations.

  • QA1-939 – Mathematics
    • QA1-43 – General
      • QA8 – Mathematics - Philosophy
      • QA9-10 – Mathematical logic
      • QA11-20 – Mathematics - Study and teaching
      • QA21-30 – Mathematics - History
    • QA47-59 – Tables
    • QA71-90 – Instruments and machines
      • QA75-76.95 – Calculating machines
        • QA75.5-76.95 – Electronic computers. Computer science
          • QA76.75-76.765 – Computer software
    • QA95 – Mathematical recreations
    • QA101-145 – Elementary mathematics. Arithmetic
    • QA150-272.5 – Algebra
      • QA162 – Abstract algebra
      • QA164-167.2 – Combinatorics (including Graph theory)
      • QA169 – Homological algebra
      • QA174-183 – Group theory
      • QA184-205 – Linear and multilinear algebras. Matrices
      • QA211-218 – Theory of equations
      • QA221-224 – Approximation theory
      • QA241-247.5 – Number theory
      • QA267-268.5 – Machine theory. Abstract machines. Abstract automata
    • QA273-280 – Probabilities. Mathematical statistics
      • QA273 – Probabilities
      • QA274 – Stochastic processes
      • QA276-280 – Mathematical statistics
    • QA297-433 – Analysis
      • QA297-299.4 – Numerical analysis
      • QA303-316 – Calculus
      • QA319-329 – Functional analysis
      • QA331-355 – Theory of functions
      • QA370-380 – Differential equations
      • QA401-425 – Analytical methods (including Mathematical optimization)
    • QA440-699 – Geometry. Trigonometry. Topology
      • QA451-469 – Elementary geometry
      • QA471 – Projective geometry
      • QA501-521 – Descriptive geometry
      • QA531-538 – Trigonometry
      • QA551-563 – Analytic geometry
      • QA564-609 – Algebraic geometry
      • QA611-614 – Topology (including Manifolds and cell complexes)
      • QA615-639 – Infinitesimal geometry
      • QA641-670 – Differential geometry
    • QA801-939 – Analytic mechanics
      • QA821-835 – Statics
      • QA841-842 – Kinematics
      • QA843-871 – Dynamics
      • QA901-930 – Fluid mechanics
      • QA931-939 – Elasticity. Plasticity
  • HF5691-5716 – Business mathematics
  • T57-57.97 – Applied mathematics. Quantitative methods
  • TA329-348 – Engineering mathematics

Recent Library Acquisitions

Listings of book and video acquisitions received during the specified time period are produced monthly, with a four month cumulative lists produced three times a year. To see lists dating back to 2010, visit the "Recent Library Acquisitions" home page.

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