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NSG 615: Advanced Research

Literature Review Ebooks

Where should I start? Spotlight on PubMed

PubMed is a great database to begin your searches. 

  • Be sure to use the Le Moyne PubMed link so that you can connect to full text articles from your search results!
  • Create a free myNCBI account to save your search strategies and preferred results.

The short tutorials below are a great way to learn PubMed basics!

Subject Headings and Controlled Vocabulary

Subject headings are different than keywords. Searching for keywords finds the letters that you type on a page within the database or search engine without regard to meaning. They're helpful but you only find articles using those keywords somewhere. If another author uses a different word for the same thing, you'll miss that article (example-overweight or obese). Subject headings are created by the database in which they are used or adapted from MESH for medical literature. For a complete listing of Mesh subject headings and trees, use PubMed, Cochrane  or the link above. Using subject headings finds articles that keyword searching might miss.

Search Strategy