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Religion Research Guide

Places to Search for Sacred Texts

Bible: at least one copy of each version of the Bible is available in the library. Search the library catalog by title for "Bible.English". Then search for the appropriate version.
-Unbound Bible full text and searchable versions of 10 English Bibles, Greek and Hebrew Bibles, and Bibles
in 42 other languages. Also contain some tools such as dictionaries and commentaries.
-English Standard Version: the most recent translation of the original Biblical texts.
-New American bible revised edition (NABRE)
-King James / Authorized (this link and the link to RSV below are for the same site, which allows users to browse the two
versions side by side)
-The University of Michigan Humanities Text Initiative has several versions of the Bible (King James, Martin Luther
translation, Rheims, and the Revised Standard), as well as numerous other public domain documents.
-Revised Standard The University of Virginia's Electronic Text Center, another outstanding source of online documents (some
available only to UV students, faculty, & staff).
-The Bible Gateway Allows searching in multiple versions of the Bible
-New Revised Standard Version of the Bible.

Book of Common Prayer, also available in the library.

Book of Mormon, also available in the library.

Qur'an / Koran, also available in the library. The Noble Qur'an is another site with three translations, a search engine, and an index.

Jewish Bible / Torah. See the first five books of the Bible (the Christian Old Testament). The cornerstone for Jewish Law.

For print copies of sacred texts, search the library catalog for title, followed by English. e.g. koran english or bible english. (unless you want it in Swahili...)

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