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Psychology Resource Guide

Welcome to the Psychology Resource Guide!

Welcome! This guide gathers together Library resources for your studies in Psychology at Le Moyne.

If you are in PSY 315, there is a guide just for that class linked below. 

Please use the green tabs on the left to find help with different types of resources.

Get started finding research articles (the "literature") by scrolling down this page!

What does Primary or Secondary source mean?

What is a Primary Research Article?

In a primary research article, author(s) present a new set of findings from original research after conducting their own experiment or study. 

Example: Maier, W., Lichtermann, D., Minges, J., Heun, R., & Hallmayer, J. (1993). The impact of gender and age at onset on the familial aggregation of schizophrenia. European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience242(5), 279–285.

What is a Secondary Source Article?

A secondary source provides an analysis of other sources. No original data is collected. Secondary research will cite the original source of data used, such as government statistics or datasets.

Example: Garb, H. N. (2021). Race bias and gender bias in the diagnosis of psychological disorders. Clinical Psychology Review90.

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Additional Sources

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