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Le Moyne College Art Collection

Le Moyne's campus offers a rich array of original works of art that are educationally and personally enriching illustrating that creativity is one of the hallmarks of a Jesuit education.

Miscellaneous Gallery

George F. Welch

A Gathering of Signals, 1973

Mixed Media

Gift of Artist, 1973

Ann Hartranft-Temple

Divine Passage, 1983


Gift of Artist,1983

Kit Parker Cali

Landing Lights, 1981

Acrylic Painting on Canvas

Gift of Artist, 1981

Sister Jo Angela

Pain and Ecaep and Peace and Niap [Pain and Peace], 1980

Acrylic Painting

Gift of Artist, 1981

Fred F. Fisher

Trilogy in Grey, 1982

Oil Painting on Canvas

Gift of Artist, 1984

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