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Instructional Services

Request an Instruction Session

To request an instruction session for your class, contact the relevant subject librarian.  If you would like to discuss general research related instruction, contact Kari Zhe-Heimerman, the Instructional Services Librarian.

Call, email, or meet with a Librarian

Subject Librarian Email Phone
Accounting Lisa Chaudhuri 445-4681
Anthropology Phoebe DiSalvo-Harms 445-4326
Arts Administration I-Chene Tai 445-4331
Biology Kari Zhe-Heimerman 445-4627
Business Lisa Chaudhuri 445-4681
Chemistry Kari Zhe-Heimerman 445-4627
Communications & Film Studies I-Chene Tai 445-4331
Computer Science Tom Keays 445-4322
Economics Phoebe DiSalvo-Harms 445-4326
Education Lisa Chaudhuri 445-4681
English Language & Literature Inga Barnello 445-4321
Foreign Languages & Literatures I-Chene Tai 445-4331
Gender & Women's Studies Cathy Scott 445-4336
Health & Medicine Cathy Scott 445-4336
History Kari Zhe-Heimerman 445-4627
Human Resource Management Lisa Chaudhuri 445-4681
Information Systems Tom Keays 445-4322
International Business Lisa Chaudhuri 445-4681
Law & Legal Studies Phoebe DiSalvo-Harms 445-4326
Marketing Lisa Chaudhuri 445-4681
Mathematics Tom Keays 445-4322
Music/Theatre Arts I-Chene Tai 445-4331
Nursing Cathy Scott 445-4336
Occupational Therapy Cathy Scott 445-4336
Philosophy Inga Barnello 445-4321
Physics & Engineering Kari Zhe-Heimerman 445-4627
Physician Assistant Cathy Scott 445-4336
Political Science Phoebe DiSalvo-Harms 445-4326
Psychology Phoebe DiSalvo-Harms 445-4326
Religious Studies Inga Barnello 445-4321
Sciences Kari Zhe-Heimerman 445-4627
Sociology Phoebe DiSalvo-Harms 445-4326
Statistics Inga Barnello 445-4321
Visual Arts Inga Barnello 445-4321

Instruction Statistics Form - FOR LIBRARIANS ONLY

Please use the following form to record statistics about any instructional sessions.

Instruction Statistics Form