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Library Instruction

What Topics Can Librarian Instruction Cover?

These are some of the topics that a Library instruction session or guide/tutorial can be focused on. Please feel free to consult your subject librarian if you have a topic that is not on this list that you are interested in having your students learn about.


Basic Overview of the Library:

  • Introducing what the Library has to offer students
  • Explaining how the College Library differs from high school and public libraries
  • Helping students identify the useful library resources for their particular major


Research Concepts:

  • Introducing the idea that research is a process (and scholarship is a conversation)
  • Developing a research question/statement
  • Identifying an information need


Finding Sources:

  • Identifying the most effective tools to use for a particular subject and assignment
  • Creating an effective search strategy
  • Using these tools to become more efficient and effective searchers


Evaluating Sources 

  • Identifying the type of source needed
  • Identifying the type of source found
  • Evaluating whether a source is useful and appropriate for an assignment?


Citing Sources

  • Using appropriate citation style to cite sources
  • Understanding academic integrity concepts, and why it is important to cite sources
  • Effectively using Mendeley, the subscription citation manager
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