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Quick Introduction to the Library

What You Need to Know About Our College Library

Your Librarian is here to help you!  Each subject has a librarian who is an expert in finding resources in that area, and they will gladly assist you in locating what you need for your research. Librarians spend their career helping students find the information that they need. So find out who your subject librarian is and remember that they are here to help!


Subject Guides & Course Guides can save you time! Librarians create research guides for their subject areas, and for particular course assignments, and these guides are incredibly useful when you are getting started on a research project. Check out our subject and course guides!


You have access to an incredible wealth of knowledge and information through the Le Moyne Library! These books, databases, articles and more are expensive and high quality, but they are free for you to use as a Le Moyne student (your tuition helps purchase these resources!).  Remember, you can't access these resources using Google. These resources are very powerful, and specific to particular majors.


The Library can get you books and articles that we don't have in our collection - FOR FREE!  We have two services (Interlibrary Loan and PALCI) to help fill your needs for articles and books that are not in our collection. Don't be shy about using these services because they are free services for you as a Le Moyne student, and they greatly extend what you can access.


We organize our books on the shelves using the Library of Congress Classification System! You are likely experienced with Dewey Decimal System from your high school or public library.  Feel free to watch this short video which explains the Library of Congress Classification System.

But always feel free to ask for help when you need to find a book on the shelf! This is NOT something we expect you to know how to do.


Librarians can help you with your citations!  You will be expected to use many different citation styles while a student at Le Moyne. Feel free to ask for help with your citations as librarians can guide you expertly with these styles or refer to our "Citing Sources" guide.


Reserves are your friend! We have many copies of required textbooks on reserve in the Library, as well as articles, DVDs, essays, books that your faculty will require you to read or watch. Ask at the Library Services Desk if you are curious about using Reserves, or see the Reserves guide.


We have mainly scholarly literature in the Library! Now that you are in College, you will slowly be shifting away from reading popular books and articles, towards reading scholarly sources. The Library does have some popular literature, but we have more scholarly literature (that your faculty want you to use!).


We have resources both in print and online! We have a wonderful print collection of books (mainly on the second floor), but we also have even more material that you can access online!


The Library Catalog does not contain journal articles! It does contain all the books, reserves and videos that the Library has.  The databases for each subject contain journal articles.


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