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ACLS Humanities E-Book (History E-Book Project)

ACLS Humanities E-Book (HEB) is an online, fully searchable collection of 4,680 books of high quality in the humanities and related social sciences. Frequently cited in the literature, these titles are recommended by scholars and learned societies and include many prize-winning works. Users may also access online book reviews from leading journals.”

Subject Coverage:

  • Area Studies: Australasian/Oceanian, Byzantine, Canadian, Caribbean, Central European, Jewish Studies, Native Peoples of the Americas, Women’s Studies.
  • Historical Studies: African, American, Asian, Comparative/World, Eastern European/Russian, Economic, European, Latin American, Law, Medicine, Methods/Theory, Middle East, and Science/Technology.
  • Archaeology, Art and Architectural History, Biblical Studies, Bibliographic Studies, Film and Media Studies, Folklore, History of the Book, Linguistics, Literature, Literary Criticism, Musicology, Performance Studies (theater, music, dance, performance), Philosophy, Political Science, Religion, and Sociology.

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work* finds "worker," "working," etc.
war and peace finds "war and peace"

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Access: Titles in this collection are freely available. You do not have to set up an account within ACLS in order to read a title.

Downloading: some titles only. See pdf file below

Printing: Limited to 10 pages See pdf file below.

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