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Read Ebook Central books on an iPad

It is easy to read books from Ebook Central on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

However, because these e-books are all protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM) software from Adobe Digital Editions, you need to do two things to set things up properly.

  1. Download an e-book reader for your iPad that can display DRM-protected materials. Ebook Central recommends the Bluefire Reader which is free from the iTunes store.

  2. You must have an Adobe ID set up in your Bluefire reader in order to open and read Ebook Central e-books. Register for a free Adobe ID at The first time you use Bluefire, it will ask you for your Adobe ID and password, so make a record of it when you create it. 

Once logged into Ebook Central, find the book you want to read, click the download button, and start reading.

Loan periods for each book are 7 days. When the loan period of the e-book has expired, Bluefire will display the message: "No license found". To continue reading the book, you must delete it from Bluefire and download it from Ebook Central again.

Read Ebook Central books on an iPad (Video)

Please note that although this video was created for the EBL platform, the directions are substantially the same for Ebook Central. EBL is now part of Ebook Central.

YouTube: How to download and read an EBL ebook on an iPad [3:13]

Use Instructions

Access: Visit, select "Le Moyne" from the list of institutions. At the login screen, enter your barcode number from your Le Moyne ID. You must be logged in to access titles or search or browse the collection.

Accessibility Mode: is an option that can be turned on in Ebook Central by using a screen reader such as JAWS or VoiceOver. Accessibility mode may also be turned on in your Ebook Central account under Bookshelf > Profile. Once turned on, Ebook Central's interface changes to a text-based view and the screen reader can then be used to read the text on the screen and control navigation. See Accessibility Mode help for more details.

DownloadingBooks may be checked out as PDF or ePUB formatted files to download to your desktop or laptop computer, tablet PC, e-book reader, or smartphone. Supported devices include the iPad, Android tablets, newer Nook readers and Sony e-book readers, and other devices that have readers that support the Adobe Digital Editions copyright protection protocol.

PrintingSelect the print button in the web interface to print the current page or a range of pages from the book. The platform sets a limit on how many pages of a given may be printed at a time.

Known Conflicts: If you use the Mendeley Importer extension for Chrome, it can cause constant refreshing of the screen when viewing a book's Detail Page. You can sidestep this problem by simply clicking the "Read Online" button. Alternatively, you can disable the extension in your browser and instead install the bookmarklet version of Mendeley Importer

Publisher Information: ProQuest maintains an extensive guide to using the collection

Search Library Catalog

Two e-book collections, EBL and Academic Complete (eBrary) that were being provided through Connect NY, have merged and are now called Ebook Central. If you have bookmarked a book from either of these collections, the links should redirect you to the book on the new platform. 

The catalog records have not yet been updated with the new URLs, but until they are, you can still look for books by searching for either "ebl" or "ebrary" in the catalog. 

Find all EBL e-book titles in library catalog's catalog

Find all ebrary e-book titles in library catalog's catalog

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