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How to Use Google Scholar

Parts of a Google Scholar Result

A result in Google Scholar looks like a cross between a normal Google result and a result in a library database:

At the top of your result is the article's title, which will link back to where Google found it. If this link is to a publisher website, there may be a paywall to access the article.

Underneath, you will see other publication information Google can identify, including author(s), the journal title, publication year, and publisher. 

Below that, you will often see a snippet of the abstract with your keywords in bold.

The "Citation Index" link will show you all the articles that Google found that link to the result article. This can be an indication of the article's importance.

Click the arrows to see the "Check Library Holdings" feature, which will allow you to request an item via Le Moyne's Interlibrary Loan service.

What does the "Find @ Le Moyne Library" link do?

What does the "Find @ Le Moyne Library" link do?

Some of Google Scholar's search results will include a "Find @ Le Moyne Library" link in addition to the other links that the search engine provides. This is useful because Google Scholar indexes articles that might ask you for payment to access. When you click the link, it will search the Library's Find Journals portal to see if we own a copy. If it can not find a licensed source or an open source version, Find Journals will provide a link to InterLibrary Loan (ILL) so you can order a free copy from another library's collection.

How Does "Find @ Le Moyne Library" Work?

Google Scholar is integrated with our Find Journals portal and knows when Le Moyne Library has a subscription to a journal or database that includes the article. Clicking the "Find @ Le Moyne Library" link will search against the Find Journals portal to try to find the article in the Library's collection.

How Do I Set Up Google Scholar to Include "Find @ Le Moyne Library" links

Login to Google using your account. Once you set Le Moyne as your home library, Google Scholar will provide links to online resources through the "Find @ Le Moyne Library" links.

See the "Using Google Scholar from Off-Campus" page of this guide for complete instructions.

Note: when you are on-campus, Google Scholar will recognize your computer's network IP address and provide the "Find @ Le Moyne Library" links automatically without you needing to login. This is useful when you are using a public workstation where you might not wish to login.

Save to "My Library"

Save to "My Library"

If you click the "Save" star icon, it will save the reference to a "My Library" folder attached to the account you've used to login to Google.

A link to "My Library", found at the upper right part of the Google Scholar window, will list all the articles you've saved. This is handy as a temporary place to collect articles on the fly, but is not a functional reference manager.

Note: Instead of Google Scholar's "My Library", the Library recommends using Mendeley. Instructions can be found on the "Google Scholar Citation Manager and Mendeley" help page.

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