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How to Use Google Scholar

Google Scholar Citation Generator

Google Scholar Citation Generator

Clicking the "Cite" quote icon in a Google Scholar result will open a dialog box that gives examples of the reference formatted in several different citation styles, including MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, and Vancouver.

Below the citation examples, are links to several citation export formats, including BibTeX, EndNote, RefMan, and RefWorks.

Google Scholar Citation Manager

Saving References to Zotero (Recommended)

Saving References to Zotero


1. Open your Zotero desktop application.

2. Ensure you have installed the Zotero Connector plug-in.

3. Conduct your Scholar search.

3. Click the Connector icon on the far right of your tool bar. 

4. Select the article citations you would like to save to Zotero and click OK.













Saving References to Mendeley

Saving References to Mendeley

Both the BibTeX and RefMan formats can be used import references into Mendeley.

Read more about Mendeley at

If you click the RefMan link, it will prompt you to save the file as "scholar.ris". While the filename itself can be anything, Mendeley won't know how to process the file unless the file extension ends in ".ris".

In the example below, you can see that each part of the citation – type, title, author(s), journal title, volume, issue, pages, and year of publication – is marked up to be computer-readable.

T1  - The ziggurat method for generating random variables
A1  - Marsaglia, George
A1  - Tsang, Wai Wan
JO  - Journal of statistical software
VL  - 5
IS  - 8
SP  - 1
EP  - 7
Y1  - 2000

Login to your Mendeley account and click the "Add" button at the upper left side of the window.

Click "Import RIS (.ris)" from the options.

Mendeley : Import BibTeX

Find the "scholar.ris" file you saved and click the "Open" button.

By default, the last imported citation will appear at the top of the citation list in Mendeley.

Mendeley : Reference

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