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How to Use Google Scholar

Video Tutorial: Using Google Scholar from Off-Campus

Using Google Scholar from Off-Campus

Le Moyne College Library has configured Google Scholar to recognize your computer's IP address when you are on-campus and provide "Find @ Le Moyne Library" links to the library's Find Journals portal

When you are off-campus and logged into Google Scholar, you can go into your Google Scholar account's settings, and configure the "Library Links" option to provide that same "Find @ Le Moyne Library" link service. This video walks you through the process.

YouTube: "Using Google Scholar from Off-Campus" [1:34]

Note: you need to be logged into Google Scholar to have access to the account settings options. Using your email login is suggested, but it is not a requirement.

Setting Up "Find @ Le Moyne Library" Links

Setting Up "Find @ Le Moyne Library" Links in Google Scholar

"Find @ Le Moyne Library" is a link that appears alongside many references in Google Scholar. It appears when Google Scholar determines that, based on holdings in the Library's Find Journals portal, that a licensed copy of the article might be available.


  • Login to Google Scholar using your email account.
  • Go the the "hamburger" menu in Google Scholar and then select the Settings or "gear" icon from the menu.

    Google Scholar Settings
  • On the Settings page, click the "Library Links" option in the list.
  • Search for "le moyne" and checkmark the box next to "Le Moyne College - Find @ Le Moyne Library". You can select up to five libraries.
  • Click the blue "Save" button.

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