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EXDL 802: Introduction to Zotero

Zotero for EXDL 802 Executive Leadership Doctoral Seminar


This guide is an introduction to using Zotero, the Library's recommended citation management software tool, in your research workflow. This information was presented to Prof. Gina Myers' EXDL-802 Executive Leadership Doctoral Seminar. The agenda below includes links to documentation or examples that we will be referring to during the live talk and which might be useful in case you want to review the material later.

How do citation managers work?

  1. What is Citation Management Software?
    1. Zotero (Recommended)
    2. Other software
  2. Signing In
    1. Signing Up
    2. Zotero Library
  3. Downloading Zotero Tools
    1. Zotero Desktop Client
    2. Zotero Browser Connector
  4. Adding References to Zotero
    1. Importing Via the Browser Using Zotero Browser Connector
    2. Importing References from Databases → [Search Education Full Text or PubMed databases]
    3. Importing Using DOIs or PMIDs → [Sample DOIs and PMIDs]
  5. Organizing Your Library
    1. Collections & Tags
    2. Sorting
    3. Duplicate Detection
  6. Word Processor Plugins
    1. Word Plugin
    2. Google Docs
  7. Instant Bibliographies (if there's time)
    1. Creating a Bibliography in Zotero (desktop or web)
    2. ZoteroBib → [Saved bibliography example]

Note: links in square brackets are examples I will use during the seminar.

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