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CHM 331: Physical Chemistry Lab

Best Bets for Finding Chemistry Articles for this Assignment

Produced by Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), this is the most comprehensive database for the chemical literature, indexing journal articles and patent records (and other document types), as well as chemical substances and reactions. This is a new interface for SciFinder!

First time users must register for an account.

You only need to register one time and then you can log in (from on or off campus) using that username and password. You MUST use your Le Moyne email account to register for your SciFinder account.

1) Start by selecting "Substance" on the left side to view all the data and properties available.

2) Select "References" from the compound's record.

3) To get the full text of an article, select "Full Text" and choose "Find at Le Moyne" from the dropdown menu

* If you are having any trouble using SciFinder using the GoogleChrome browser, then switch to a different browser (or try using guest mode/incognito window).

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