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BIO 191: General Biology I

Your BIO 191 Assignment


This guide will assist you with finding the scholarly articles you need to complete your BIO 191 lab reports. You can use the side panel to help you navigate through the guide, based on your needs.


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BIO 191 Information Literacy Assignment



STEP 1: Go to your BIO 191 Lecture page on Canvas and find the Assignment directions. 




STEP 2: Find a scholarly article 

  • that pertains to your Flowers and Pollinators Lab,
  • that has undergone the peer review process, and
  • was published in the last 15 years.



STEP 3: Fill out the assignment worksheet.



STEP 4: Submit a PDF of the article and the completed worksheet on your BIO 191 LECTURE Canvas page. 



STEP 5: Bring the article to your lab whenever you lab instructor says.