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Tatyana Popović Archives & Special Collections

The Tatyana Popović Archives & Special Collections

The Tatyana V. Popović Archives and Special Collections houses rare books, manuscripts, and the archives of Le Moyne College, and provides access to materials that document the history of Le Moyne College and our society.

  • College records (historical records of Le Moyne College, academic and administrative)
  • Manuscript collections (records related to history of College and related history, personal papers from individuals related to Le Moyne, or papers from donors with a connection to Le Moyne)
  • Monograph collections (rare or special books)
  • Photographs (print, negative, slide and digital format documenting life at Le Moyne College)
  • Audio-visual (video and audio content relating to life at Le Moyne College, including commencement ceremonies and other events)
  • Printed (posters, brochures, printed ephemera, pamphlets, articles, and books)
  • Realia (trophies, medals, uniforms, memorabilia, etc.)

The mission of the Tatyana Popović Archives & Special Collections is to collect, arrange and preserve documents and monographs that are of​ historical and informational value to the College and its communities. These pieces maintain the College’s past and present so that they may be used in the future.

The Tatyana Popović Archives provide access to materials that document the history of Le Moyne College and our society, including rare printed materials, original manuscripts, photographs, audio and moving image recordings, College records, and more. The Archives are available to use for research purposes by students, faculty, administrators and others doing research about the College.

The Tatyana Popović Special Collections collect and provide access to rare or special publications relating to its collecting areas, primarily rare printed materials. Items in the Special Collections are available to use for research purposes by students, faculty, administrators and others. 


Who was Tatyana V. Popović?

For nearly 30 years, Dr. Tatyana V. Popović called Le Moyne College her second home, and Le Moyne College was fortunate to call her one of its own.

Born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Tatyana (Tanya) and her husband, Nenad, defected to the United States in 1961. Tanya received her master's degree in Library Science from Syracuse University in 1964, and that same year took a job as cataloging librarian at Le Moyne.

An innate scholar as well as librarian, Tanya went on to pursue a doctorate in Slavic literatures at Syracuse University while working full-time at Le Moyne. She completed that quest in 1974 and several years later went on to publish a book, Prince Marko: The Hero of South Slavic Epics, which was based on her doctoral dissertation. The book was cited as one of the outstanding academic books of 1988-89 by Choice, the reviewing journal of the American Library Association's Association of College and Research Libraries. Tanya was an active participant in the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies as well as a member of the New York Library Association, the Catholic Library Association, and the Phi Lambda Sigma Chapter of Beta Phi Mu, the International Library Science Honor Society.

Those who knew and worked with Tanya over the course of her three decades at Le Moyne came to admire her for the strength of her convictions, her dedication to scholarship, and her eagerness to embrace new challenges. Appointed cataloging/reference librarian in 1988, she was as comfortable providing instructional assistance to students as she was in providing access to the Library's greatly expanded collections. She had a profound commitment to mastering the latest advancements in the rapidly evolving field of library science and attended professional workshops and seminars throughout her career. The depth of her commitment to the Le Moyne College community was palpable, as evidenced by such activities as chairing the Wilson Art Gallery committee and providing exceptional leadership for the development of that facility. At the time of her retirement in 1993, Tanya was named librarian emerita in honor of her service.

Throughout these years, Tanya's most enduring relationship was with her husband, Nenad Popović. Partners in love, travel, and the pursuit of scholarship, they were each other's muse and pillar of support during a fifty year-long marriage. It was the wish of their daughter, Gina Goldhammer, and of Gina's husband, Robert, to honor Tanya's memory after her death in 1997 with a gift to the Noreen Reale Falcone Library. The Tatyana V. Popović Archives and Special Collections is the tribute they chose to make to this remarkable woman, and to her tireless dedication to scholarship and learning at Le Moyne College.

Archives & Special Collections Hours

8:30am-4:30pm Monday-Friday

By appointment only

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The Archives & Special Collections are located in the second floor of the Noreen Falcone Library, overlooking Lot C.

Contact Archives & Special Collections
Christina Swendsrud, College Archivist
Phone: 315-445-4732
Fax: 315-445-4642

Personal Belongings

  • While in the reading room, place your personal belongings on an empty chair or on the floor, keeping them off surfaces shared with collection materials. 

Food & Drinks

  • Please consume food outside of the reading room or collections areas. Drinks in closed containers are permitted, but we request that they are kept on the floor in case of spills, and that they are consumed at a distance from any collection materials. 

Writing Utensils

  • Please use only pencil near archival materials, as any accidental marks can be easily erased. 


  • Researchers may look at one box or book at a time. 
  • Boxes should remain squarely on the table.


  • Remove one folder from the box at a time and keep the folders in order in the box. Please use a place holder (provided by staff) to mark the location of the removed folder.
  • Manuscript folders and items should remain on the table. Please keep documents neat and in order in the folder.
  • Please keep items within folders. Place-holder slips are provided for researchers to flag items.
  • Researchers should return their materials when leaving for the day, going to lunch, or whenever they are leaving the Reading Room for more than a few minutes.

Handling Materials

  • Hands should be clean and free of lotions or perfumes. 
  • It is important that materials remain in the order in which the researcher received them so they can be located later and observed in their proper contexts. If researchers need place markers, we are happy to provide them. 
  • Please do not remove staples, paperclips, or other fasteners from collection materials. 
  • Special weights to be used with delicate materials are available for items that are difficult to hold.
  • Book cradles will be provided for use with any books.
  • Researchers must wear gloves when handling photographs or negatives. Gloves are available.
  • Please neaten collection materials within folders using only the tips of your fingers.
  • Please handle collection materials with care at all times.

Laptops, cell phones, cameras, recorders, and personal scanners:

  • Please check prior to using cameras, laptops, and other personal digital devices, as copyright and reproduction restrictions may exist for some materials. 


The Tatyana Popovic Archives & Special Collections welcomes donations of materials that document the history of Le Moyne College and its activities, monographs that are of​ historical and informational value to the College and its communities, items that contain evidence of college organizations, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, operations, or other activities.

All decisions to acquire materials are made by the College Archives. Upon acceptance, donations must be accompanied by a signed deed of gift. 

Materials transferred from College departments should include a Records Transfer form.

Any items that do not fall under the Archives mission will be returned to the originating department or disposed of with the approval of the originating department.

Entrance to Archives & Special Collections

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