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de Ropp Polish Art Collection

This website invites students of history, art, religion, and foreign affairs to explore the compelling history of Poland through this art collection on public display in the campus library since 1958.

A note of thanks

Life is a convergence of the actions of many people and forces. That the Szymanski tapestries and the paintings by the Brotherhood of St. Luke are displayed in public, and together, and in fine condition is a collaboration among talented and caring people over several decades. Each person's contribution was essential, no matter what the nature of it, in providing a home and a documented history of this unique artistic creation. 

Just as the Brotherhood of St. Luke used the strengths of its eleven artists and as the tapestries were created collaboratively in the presence of the artist, the weavers, and the embroiderers who sought to bring forth the desired effect, so too did professionals & administrators, working over many decades to provide a safe place and a public place for these to be viewed.

It is a delight and an honor to synthesize the work of those before me who saw the beauty, the artistic value, and the historical significance of these works of textile art from the interwar period of Twentieth Century Poland, then a young nation, reborn and re-introducing itself to the rest of the world.Their names deserve mention here in this website.  They are people who went above and beyond. They gave their expertise in the spirit of educating others. Their actions serve as testimony to the importance of art as a conveyor of culture, history, and as examples of the Magis

--Inga H. Barnello, librarian, Le Moyne College, November 17, 2016


Stefan K. de Ropp
Cecilia Patalita & the Polish Heritage Club of Syracuse, Inc.
Theresa Santillo, retired assistant to the director of the library
Tanya Popovic, librarian emerita
James J. Simonis, director emeritus, Falcone Library, Le Moyne College 
Jacqueline Belfort-Chalat, professor emeritus & chair of fine arts, Le Moyne College
Frances Campion, friend of Le Moyne College
Ted Furze, former director of development, Le Moyne College
Rev. Frank R. Haig, S.J., President, Le Moyne College
Katarzyna (Kasia) Stamm, art historian
Patsy Orlofsky, founder & director, Textile Conservation Workshop

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