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Library Renovation

Summer 2018 is Phase II

Project Timeline

Phase 1 

  • September 2016: RFP
  • November 2016 - February 2017: Development and design 
  • May 24, 2017: Began construction (Phase 1)
  • August 2017: Library offices completed. QRC, Writing Center, and Student Success Center constructed. Wilson Art Gallery relocated near front entrance and atrium

Phase 2 of the renovation completes the renovation of the first floor--public study areas, film collection, library services desk, IT service desk, Disability Support Services, new Bernat Room in the rear of 1st floor, and a second stairway with display niches.

The Muserlian Instructional Lab will be relocated on the second floor, atop the new stairway south end of the library looking out onto Salt Spring Road, along with a faculty reading room, and some new seating outside the lab. 

  • May 21 2018: renovation begins.
  • June 13-July 27:  replacement of elevator
  • August 14: expected completion.
  • August 15: new furniture arrives
  • August 16-17: move into new spaces

Steering Committee

In October 2016, the VP for Finance and Administration established the Library Renovation Steering Committee to work with the design team.

Steering Committee members

  • Fouad A. H. Dietz, Asst. Director of Planning & Construction, Le Moyne College
  • Roger Stackpoole, VP for Finance
  • Jed Schneider, Facilities Mgt & Planning 
  • Rev. Joseph G. Marina, S.J., Provost 
  • Deborah Cady-Melzer, VP for Student Development
  • Robert Johnston, Library
  • Elizabeth McCaffery, Tutoring Center
  • Roger Purdy, Disability Services
  • Emily Hantsch, Quantitative Reasoning Center
  • Shaun Black, IT
  • Tom Brockelman, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Diane Zigo, Purcell School
  • Margie Ierlan, Madden School
  • Inga Barnello, Library
  • Rob Cook, Library
  • Lisa Chaudhuri, Library
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