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History and Mission of the Noreen Reale Falcone Library

Mission and Vision

Library Mission Statement

The Library, in support of academic excellence, provides the space, expertise, and resources to foster inquiry, knowledge creation, and scholarly communication.

Library Vision Statement

The Library will support the Le Moyne community in the creation of knowledge and take a lead role in distributing and communicating that knowledge to the world.

Library Strategic Plan

Core Values: The library's values are access, advocacy, education, professionalism, and service.

Impacts: The library has seven impact areas on which its strategic plan activities are based.

  • Faculty & students are engaged in the scholarly conversation
  • Faculty teaching is enhanced
  • Library staff expertise will grow
  • Prospective students will attend Le Moyne College because of its library
  • Students are aware of diverse ideas and cultures.
  • Students become productive citizens
  • Students succeed in their chosen career or graduate studies


  • Support and educate faculty and students on open access and open educational resources and open textbooks.
  • Develop an institutional repository for student & faculty research.
  • Develop & promote a more diverse collection and create a more global perspective
  • Continue to work with core curriculum and develop proposal to expand into COR 400 (integration of information literacy outcomes).
  • Renovate the library to incorporate a 21st century learning commons.


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