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Browsing Assistance - History Section

Main Topics Covered in Row 8

  • History of Italy
    • Call number range: DG11 - DG999
    • Sub topics
      • Ancient Italy (Rome to 476)
        • Call number range: DG11 - DG365
        • Sub topics
          • Roman Republic, rise and fall
          • Roman Empire
          • Julius Caesar
          • Decline and fall of the Roman Empire
      • Medieval and Modern Italy
        • Call number range: DG401 - DG583.8
        • Sub topics
          • Military, naval, and political history
          • Mussolini


  • History of Russia
    • Call number range: DK1 - DK949.5
    • Sub topics
      • House of the Romanov (Peter the Great, Catherine II, Nicholas I, etc.)


*Note that this is not an exhaustive list.  Not all topics contained in this section are covered here.

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