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Racial Justice

To assist our community to be active in identifying and calling out racism (even if inadvertent) and to make ourselves and our community aware of our biases both conscious and unconscious, begin your search here with these resources.

Purpose of This Guide

This guide is intended to showcase some of the many resources that the Le Moyne Library has that are related to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. It primarily focuses on book, films, and podcasts.

We always welcome suggestions for purchasing new EDI resources for the Library. Please email any purchase suggestions to

Additional Anti-Racism Resources for Le Moyne

In addition to this guide, there is also a shared Google Folder of EDI resources that is curated by Colleen Bullock and Suzanne Detore-Wilsey.

Any Le Moyne community member can view this shared Google Folder of EDI resources.

This shared folder is intended for Le Moyne community members to share resources related to Equity, Diversity & Inclusion. It is not an exhaustive list, but one curated by community members.

To suggestion a resource be added, please email Colleen Bullock ( and Suzanne DeTore-Wilsey ( They will review the resource and add it to the appropriate folder. When sending, you can attach a file or send the resource title and URL in the email body. Please share why you are recommending the resource.

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