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Information Systems

IEEE Pick 5 Journal Package

The IEEE Pick 5 list is a journal subscription package list from the IEEE Computer Society, selected by faculty in the Computer Science program in conjunction with the library. Other IEEE journals may be available through the Journal Finder or via Interlibrary Loan.

Information Systems Databases

Ways to Find Articles

Do you know the database you need to search?

Not sure what database will fit your topic best?

  • Subject Guides – Browse a library guide written for your subject which identifies key databases and other research starting points.
  • ProQuest Central – Search across multiple full-text databases on the ProQuest platform.
  • Academic Search Premier – Search this research database that covers many topics.

Have an article citation (partial or full) or just a journal title?

  • Find Articles By Citation – If you have a fairly complete citation, try entering the information into this form. The form will try to find a match in the Library's collection.
  • Find Journals – Search by journal title or browse by subject. Then look for a link to the contents of the online journal. If the journal is a title we have in print, head to the shelf.

Still not finding what you need?

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