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Open Access

Open Access Explained!

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Open Access Policy Needed

This guide is intended to help the campus learn about open access (OA). Open access is a publishing model that allows authors and institutions to retain some rights to faculty publications and expand access to scholarly writing and data. 

The academic librarians of Le Moyne College extend an invitation to its faculty and administration to consider the development of an open access policy. Librarians have the resources to educate the campus about OA and to enable workflows and plan for storage and retrieval of faculty and student work in a digital institutional repository.

Faculty already ask the library to house student scholarship. Faculty have encountered article processing charges for open access journals and have asked for funding support. Do we need a fund? How shall faculty select a journal? How do faculty select a license and negotiate with journal publishers to allow for the draft of their research publications to appear on a Le Moyne College institutional respository?  

The academic librarians of Le Moyne College support open access, in research and in teaching. 

Here is a draft proposal and policy statement by the Le Moyne College academic librarians.

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