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EDG 580: Pedagogical Content Knowledge

This guide was created for students enrolled in Dr. Zigo's EDG 580 class.

What is empirical research?

Empirical means experience or data derived from observation or experiment.  It is research that derives knowledge from actual experience rather than from theory or belief.

Most, but not all, empirical research articles include the following components:

  1. Abstract/Introduction
    • This section provides an overview of the research conducted. It may also cover the previous research and body of knowledge on the topic
  2. Method
    • This section explains how the study was conducted. It usually describes the population, research process, analytical tools, and so on. It is sometimes referred to as "research design."

  3. Results
    • This section explains what was learned through the study. It usually appears as statistical data or as substantial quotations from research participants. It is sometimes referred to as "findings."

  4. Discussion/Conclusion
    • This section explains why the study is important. It usually describes how the research results influence professional practices or future studies.

  5. References
    • This section provides a list of other resources used in the creation of the article.

How to identify empirical research

Here's a helpful side show on how to identify empirical research.

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