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ANT 203 / PGS 203: Anthropology of War

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Search the Library catalog to find books, videos, audio, and other materials in our collection.

Subject Headings

In libraries, a subject heading is used to group like materials together. Books or movies on a similar topic are assigned the same set of descriptive word/s so that all of the material on that topic can be discovered quickly.

Use Subject Headings: 

  • Searching with a subject heading in the library's catalog will create a list of all the material available on that subject.
  • Subject headings can also be used as a way to discover vocabulary related to your topic. Combine terms to try a whole new search. 

Click on any of the subject headings below to automatically search the library catalog for books & films on that topic.

Deception (Military Science)

Escalation (Military Science)

Human Rights

Human Rights -- History

Military Doctrine

Political Violence



Social Conflict

Social Rights


War and Society


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