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HST 211: American History Survey

This is the research guide for HST 211

Cite Your Sources with Handbook for Historians

All sources will be cited using Handbook for Historians.  The following pages on formatting a bibliography, formatting endnotes/footnotes, creating an annotated bibliography and paraphrasing and quoting sources are all excerpts from the Handbook for Historian.  For more information, please view the full Handbook for Historians guide.

Format Bibliography - Learn how to format your bibliography and how to properly cite your various sources in your bibliography.

Format Endnotes/footnotes - Learn how to use endnotes/footnotes within your paper to reference your sources.

Annotated Bibliography - Learn what an annotated bibliography is and how to create one.

Paraphrase and Quote Sources - Learn the difference between a direct quote and paraphrasing, how to use them properly in your paper and when citations are not needed.