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Statistics & Data

Quick General Statistics

Search Tips

Here are some important search tips for finding statistics online.

1: Piggyback on the work of other researchers by searching in library databases for scholarly articles on that topic with the added keywords of "statistics or data." In the text look for statistics-indicating word patterns, such as: " According to a study/survey/report..." or "71 percent of Americans polled by Gallup..."

2: Investigate the source of the data. Was it a person?  An agency? An organization? A government? How was it collected? When? 

3: At web sites, look for links to areas named Statistics; Publications, Reports, Data or Databases 

4: In Google searches, use numbers-indicating search terms, such as market share, numeric, demographics, "industry overview", and forecast(s)


In part from Leslie F. Stebbins. 2006. Student Guide to Research in the Digital Age. Westport, CT: Libraries Unlimited.

Find Books on Statistics

Hundreds of the Library's reference and circulating books and ebooks contain current and historical statistics.  To find them:

  • Do a Word search, using a word or phrase describing the kind of statistics you want combined with the word STATISTICS.  To limit geographically, add the name of a region. For example: NEW YORK,  STATISTICS.

  • Also find statistics by matching your keyword(s) with one of these words: ENCYCLOPEDIAS, HANDBOOKS, OPINION POLLS, PUBLIC OPINION, SURVEYS, or  MISCELLANEA

Search the library's catalog:

Statistics Glossary

This section allows you to view definitions for key terms used in statistics.

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