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Dances to Myths, Fall 2016

Dance program presented by Le Moyne College Dance Minor faculty and students

Fall 2016 Performance

November 11, 2016, 6:00 pm

Falcone Library Atrium, Le Moyne College

Le Moyne College Dance Minor faculty, Ruth Arena, Larry Crabtree and Linda Facciponte, and students present "Dances to Myths." This program is in conjunction with Kenny Harris' "Ancestral Narrative" art exhibit. Program art and performance backdrop created by students in drawing classes with Professor Katya Krenina. 

The program duration is approximately 30 minutes and there will be a brief Q&A session afterwords with the dancers and choreographers.


OLYMPUS  Music: "Olympus" by Ans Anderson ; choreography: Linda Facciponte ; dancers: Grace Adams, Hanna Seraji.

HARBOR ME  Music: "Would You Harbor Me" by Sweet Honey in the Rock ; choreography: Ruth Arena ; dancers: Lexa Parlett, Nina Scrimale.

CREATURES  Music: "Best percussion Ever ; choreography: Linda Facciponte ; dancers (in order of appearance): Hanna Seraji, Grace Adams.

PHOENIX RISING  Music: "Street Spirit" (Fade Out) by Radiohead arranged by Edward Ruchalski ; choreogrpahy: Larry Crabtree ; dancers: Ruth Arena, Larry Crabtree.

MOHANA  Music: "Mohana" by Toto La Momposina ; choreography: Ruth Arena ; dancers: Hanna Seraji, Grace Adams, Lexa Parlett, Nina Scrimale, Marisa Sorce.

Program note/Poster

Dance to Myth (poster)

Dances to Myths (poster)

Dances to Myths (program note p.1)

Dances to Myths (program note p.1)

Dances to Myths (program note p.2)

Dances to Myths (program note p.2)

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