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Best Bets for Finding Scholarly Articles for Your Projects

Here are databases that may help you find articles about the particular work/job that you are researching. Remember that each of these has different content in it, so you will want to try many of them to find the best results! 

Historical Newspaper Databases

How to Get the Full Text of Articles

1. Click on any link for "Full Text" to see if it will bring you to the full article. Also try links like "Find at Le Moyne Library" 

2. Use the Find Article By Citation option or check the Journal Finder to see if the library subscribes to that e-journal. If we do, simply click through to the correct issue and then the correct article. (Look at your citation to find this information).

3. If neither of those two options gets you full text, use interlibrary loan to request the article. It's free, easy and quick!

4. You can always email Kari at and ask for help with getting full text!

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