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Anthropology Resource Guide

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Search the Library catalog to find books, videos, audio, and other materials in our collection.

Subject Headings for Anthropology

In libraries, subject headings are used to group like materials together.

Books or movies on a similar topic are assigned the same descriptive word(s) so that all of the material on that topic can be discovered quickly.

Searching with a subject heading in the library's catalog will create a list of all the material available on that subject.

Click on any of the subject headings below to search the library catalog for books & films on that topic.

Google Books

Google Books is worthwhile to look for early imprints of ethnographic and linguistic studies. Do try one of the following examples to see how it works. For example,

stonehenge and map

yoruba language

iroquois and phonology or language


Try it here in this search box! 

Google Book Search
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