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Tom Keays

Librarian for Computer Science, Information Systems, and Mathematics

Work Schedule

I'm generally in my office during the following times. Email or make an appointment to be sure.

  • Monday:
  • Tuesday:
  • Wednesday:
  • Thursday:
  • Friday:

On-Call Schedule

I'm the librarian on duty during the following times; you don't need to make an appoint to come and see me during these times.

  • Tuesday:
  • Thursday:

When I'm on-call, I'm also available via the Library's online chat service.

Both schedules are subject to change.

Office Hours By Appointment

I have Office Hours by appointment that you can book through your Le Moyne email calendar. If I have nothing available, email or phone me and we can set something up.

Office Location

My office is located in Room 140 in the Librarian Offices suite on the right as you walk towards the back of the Library on the first floor. On Thursday night, I'll be at the Library Services Desk.

Office Location: Room 140 in Librarians Office Suite on First Floor

Library Floor Plan: First Floor

updated 7/8/2019