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How to Import References Into Mendeley

Cochrane Library: Access

Cochrane Library: Importing References Using PDFs

Cochrane Library doesn't export references in either RIS or BibTeX (the two formats Mendeley can parse) so the best option is to download the PDF of an article from the Cochrane Library and import that into Mendeley.

Cochrane Library: Review the Results

Review the Results

The citation quality from importing Cochrane Library PDFs is very poor and you will need to extensively edit the citation fields in Mendeley to get a complete citation. In my tests, I found these types of errors:

  • when there were multiple authors, a "ghost" author was constructed, pulling elements from the first and last authors in the list.
  • the journal title – e.g., Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews – was added as part of the article title instead of in the field where it belonged.
  • the issue number was missing, and I had to manually add in the article number (which takes the place of page numbers).
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