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Living Library @ Le Moyne College

Start a conversation that matters at Le Moyne College’s campus-wide Living Library event

What is a Living Library?

Le Moyne College Living Library

March 18 from 3-6 pm


Everyone from our Le Moyne Community is invited to join us in having conversations that matter!

A Living Library is an event in which people from all walks of life, each with different stories to tell, come together in a safe and open environment to share their unique life experiences and participate in a dialogue about those experiences. Through this open and honest discourse, we can work to promote diversity and equity as well as challenge misconceptions and assumptions. This event allows the Le Moyne community to connect with each other, share our stories and learn from one another.


In a Living Library, people are the books! 

Living Books are Le Moyne community members who volunteer to share their unique life experiences, journeys, challenges, and perspectives. Consider volunteering to be a Living Book by February 29

During the Living Library event, you can “check out” Living Books for 20-30 minutes at a time for one-on-one conversations during which you can ask questions and learn from their experiences. This is a dialogue from which everyone can benefit. You can check-out any Living Books which you might like to hear from either on the spot during the event or reserve a check-out period in advance!


Stay tuned for Living Book titles and descriptions which will be posted here in early March. 



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