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Faculty Support

Using Turnitin directly rather than through Canvas

If not using a Canvas course to utilize Turnitin, you can be request (as of October 16, 2018) to be added to Le Moyne's account in the native system.  Contact Inga Barnello (, Le Moyne's Turnitin administrator to request to be added into our institutional account.

This type of native account is required if an instructor wishes to conduct a "Quick Submit" on a single paper without creating a course in Turnitin.

Turnitin's help center contains screen shots and videos. We link to some of the content here on this web page.

Canvas Integration of Turnitin

Turnitin is integrated into the Canvas learning management system.  Faculty only have to set up an assignment in a Canvas course and choose the settings for Turnitin. Canvas instructions using the new Turnitin tool. Students simply submit assignments in Canvas as they would any other assignment in Canvas.  Off the assignment goes to Turnitin to generate an originality report.

Tutorials for faculty

File Size

The file size may not exceed 20 MB. Files of larger size may be reduced in size by removal of non-text content. Files that are password protected, encrypted, hidden, system files, or read only files cannot be uploaded or submitted to Turnitin. Text only files may not exceed 2 MB. NEVER use a scanned document of an original file.

Copyright & FERPA

Turnitin’s archiving of student work was ruled in the courts a fair use (and not a copyright infringement). The case is 562 F.3d 630. See FAQ # 18.

FERPA applies to student records. No grade information is part of the TurnItIn data.  Student information is inaccessible to users of TurnItIn other than to the course professor from that institution.

Step #1. If using Turnitin directly rather than through Canvas

If using Turnitin directly, rather than through Canvas, beginning on October 16, 2018, the first step is to request to be added as an instructor to by Le Moyne's Turnitin account administrator.

#2. Set up a class & assignment(s)

1.  Add a class  

  • Your current account displays once you've registered
  • from your home page in TurnItIn, click on "Add class"
    • Enter class name and number, as it appears in the college catalog
    • Enrollment password is case sensitive and you need to tell students this. You only need to create this and give to the students in your class if you wish them to be able to submit their own papers. If you will be submitting the papers for them, an enrollment password is not necessary. To access the password, click on the Preferences tab in the class inbox, then click on "stats" link.
  • Class ID (7 digit number) is generated by, and will be used by students, along with the enrollment password. 
  • End Date of class is important to chose for date that students will no longer be able to submit their own papers.
  • If you are team-teaching a class, you need to set up a separate class with a unique User ID for that class and share the account. This may also be wise for multiple sections of the same class  
  • At the class inbox, click on Preferences (Help Setting Preferences)
    • Global = all classes; second box affects only the course selected
    • Bottom box: preferences: select options for student viewing. (Recommend they not be allowed to view the Originality Report)
    • Administrator can lock this for all instructors, but probably will not
    • Peer review: can activate so that students may read other students' papers
    • View statistics
    • Transfer class to another instructor
    • Links: allows you to create a quick link on the control bar to another site, e.g. your home page, Blackboard

2.  Creating an assignment

  • All papers submitted must be attached to a TurnItIn assignment
  • Can set an assignment to allow students to resubmit paper
  • Click on class name from your TurnItIn home page
  • Click on "New Assignment" button
  • Select "Paper Assignment"
  • "Next Step"
  • Title for assignment
  • Set the "start" and "due" dates
  • Submit
  • If no papers have been submitted to the assignment (e.g. you changed the assignment) delete the assignment by clicking on the trash can icon.
  • To create additional assignments, click on Create a new paper assignment.

Step #3. Submitting Papers

If Faculty Submit

  • Click on class title
  • Click on Assignments
  • Click on Submit Link
  • Enter author ID info, paper title, and select assignment #
  • Cut and paste the text from the paper into the Main Text box
  • Cut and paste the bibliography/works cited/references into the Bibliography box
  • Submit
  • Multiple papers from a single student may be submitted within 24 hours to generate a single Originality Report.
  • ID# field will help distinguish students with the same name
  • Originality Report can be expected within 24 hours

Quick Submit

  • Allows you to submit a paper without creating or tying it to an assignment or a class inside of TurnItIn. Students cannot use Quick Submit.
  • Use classic Turnitin via, create an account. Do not create a class. 
  • Enable your account to utilize Quick Submit.
  • If you have already created a list of students in your class, you cannot use quick submit for any of those students. 

If Students Submit

  • Follow instructions here for single-file-upload method or cut-and-paste method.
  • Many faculty are not comfortable with this option, but it does save time for the professor.
  • Can set an assignment to allow students to resubmit papers 

Assignment Inbox

  • Sortable
  • Recommend by color.
  • Click on R icon to view report
  • Click on P icon to view original paper
  • Student's name in red = professor submitted paper, not linked
  • Student's name in blue = link to all papers submitted by student


updated 24 Oct 2016 

Step #4. Similarity Reports

Feedback Studio (Guide)

  • Color coded from black to red (most similar)
  • Links to original site(s) where text is from will be listed off to the right.
  • Can open the original source student used and show comparison
  • Filter settings icon has an option for exlusions, e.g. “Exclude quoted” allows you to ignore the parts of the document appropriately quoted and cited.
  • Paper can be reanalyzed.

#5. Clean Up Expired Classes

Every class created on Turnitin has an end date. When the end date is reached, the class expires and is limited to read only access. The students and instructor will no longer be able to submit papers or peer reviews, create assignments, or mark any of the papers using GradeMark.

When a class expires it no longer appears on the active classes list. To view expired classes only, click on the "expired classes" tab on the Turnitin instructor homepage. The all classes option available on the same pull down menu will list both active and expired classes.

Reactivating an Expired Class

An expired class can be only reactivated by the instructor. The "edit" icon can be used to reactivate the course by giving it a new end date. The instructor can change the end date of the class from the class update screen. Once the end date has been changed, the instructor must click on "submit" to save the new end date and reactivate the class.