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Le Moyne College Guide to Student Learning Assessment

Student Learning Assessment at Le Moyne

Student Learning Assessment at Le Moyne

‚ÄčAssessment of student learning is a participatory, iterative process that:
  • Provides data/information you need on your students’ learning
  • Engages you and others in analyzing and using this data/information to confirm and improve teaching and learning
  • Produces evidence that students are achieving the outcomes you intended
  • Guides you in making educational and institutional improvements
  • Evaluates whether changes made improve/impact student learning
  • Documents student learning and your assessment efforts.

Le Moyne College Institutional Learning Outcomes

Revised Spring 2018


In service to Le Moyne College’s pursuit of academic excellence in the Catholic and Jesuit tradition and its emphasis on education of the whole person and the search for meaning and value, graduates of Le Moyne are expected to achieve the following four institutional learning outcomes:

1. Foundational Knowledge

Graduates of Le Moyne will possess foundational knowledge in the arts and sciences that prepares them to engage enduring questions and contemporary issues

2. Specialized Knowledge

Graduates of Le Moyne will possess and be able to apply extensive knowledge and skills in their chosen field of study

3. Intellectual Skills

Graduates of Le Moyne will possess and be able to apply intellectual skills that prepare them for personal and career fulfillment*

4. Social Change

Graduates of Le Moyne will possess knowledge of the world and its diverse characteristics through a Jesuit perspective that prepares them to engage in ethical social change**


*Intellectual skills include the ability to think critically, communicate effectively orally and in writing, make intellectual connections informed by disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge, and use information ethically and competently.

** This ILO integrates knowledge, diversity, and preparation to engage in ethical social change with such Jesuit ideals as education of the whole person and men and women for and with others. Learning included in the previous ILOs Jesuit Identity, Community Involvement & Leadership, Diversity, and Justice will be assessed in  this ILO.

Le Moyne SLA Documents

Le Moyne College Student Learning Assessment (SLA) Guidelines (rev. January 2017) - Key stages and processes in student learning assessment.

Le Moyne SLA Model (revised March 2017)

Institutional Learning Assessment Committee Procedures and Responsibilities (November 2017)

Syllabus Checklist - Well-written syllabi play a critical role in program-level and institutional level assessment by providing consistent information across the curriculum. The Curriculum Committee approved the Syllabus Checklist to serve as guidelines for all Le Moyne College course syllabi. All instructors are encouraged to follow the checklist, most especially those who expect to teach courses in the new CORE.

Middle States Expectations

Other Middle States Documents