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Scholarly Communications

Assistance with getting published ...

Scholarly Communication

The creation and dissemination of research and published works in academia is reliant upon access to, and acquisition of, primary, secondary, and tertiary research material. Librarians facilitate this. They also have a developing role in helping faculty produce and disseminate their scholarship. The old model of scholarly communication of "buying back" the work produced by the academy is collapsing under the sheer weight of its exhorbitant costs.  As new models emerge, librarians are expanding their role to assist faculty produce and disseminate their work.

The librarians of Le Moyne College will assist faculty with copyright negotiation with publishers, copyright compliance, preparation of manuscripts & bibliographies, and in preparing the college for an institutional repository. 

This LibGuide, a work in progress, serves to present the new models and ways of proceding as the landscape develops.

--Inga H. Barnello, M.L.S., copyright officer

Consider retaining some rights for the author & college

To control subsequent distribution of your work for teaching, research, discussion, and local archiving your institution's digital repository, negotiate the transfer of rights to your publisher.  Do not sign away all rights. Retain rights for Le Moyne College to place the manuscript earlier  draft or post draft on its institutional digital repository.

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